No matter what argumentation we use and how much we deny it, the simple fact is that the office is not the natural habitat of humans and the 8 working hours per day simply take their toll on our health. One of the systems that almost always suffer from the continuous and perpetual repetition of the same movements or lack of movements is our skeleton, in other words, our bones and joints.

Garlic oil is a traditional medicine with strong therapeutic effects. Our ancestors have exploited garlic in almost every possible way in order to benefit from its properties.

Here is the garlic oil recipe:


– 300 – 400 grams of garlic

– 1-liter of extra virgin olive oil


– Peel the garlic and chop it into small pieces;

– Put it in a clean glass jar;

– Pour the olive oil over it;

– Store it away from sunlight and let it stay for 2 weeks;

– Shake the jar daily;

– use a strainer to remove the garlic from the mix.


Massage the oil on the painful areas and then cover the areas with a plastic bag. Over the plastic, use a blanket or woolen clothes to keep the warmth in. You will notice improvement after only a few days.

The garlic and the warmth will improve the circulation in the concerned areas and improve their function.

This therapy should be done continuously for 2 months. The treatment should be done before going to sleep and you should leave the oil to work while sleeping. In the morning you should wash it away.

This same procedure helps with varicose veins.

If the smell of the garlic presents an inconvenience for you, make an effort to wrap yourself well, so the smell does not spread around. And be reminded that this will rid you of the long-lasting pain.