These are the most common herbs that we use for cooking, but they have health benefits that can be used for healing. You could have your own medicinal herbs that can help you to cure diseases and other conditions.



Basil contains an antioxidant beta-carotene that can help you to maintain the health of your eyes, skin, and to boost your immune system. It can be also used as a cure for indigestion, fevers, colds, nausea, vomiting and even depression.

You can easily grow the basil, but it needs warm air. If it is still winter, you have to plant the seeds in containers indoors. Water the seeds twice a day. When the basil has grown a few inches tall, you should transplant them to a larger container.


You can usually find cayenne in spicy dishes in a pepper or powdered form. It has an ability to dissolve fibrin that can lead to blood clots. In addition to that, you could apply cayenne to an open wound to stop the bleeding.

Because of its spicy flavor, cayenne can be used for enhancing the metabolism. The capsaicin, which is an ingredient in the cayenne, can be used as a pain reliever.

If you want it to grow, you have to put it on a sun-exposed spot and to plant it in a high-quality water-retentive soil. When you are planting in containers, make sure the seeds are at least 2 inches apart. Also, you need to often spray the soil with water to ensure that the soil remains moist.


Peppermint can be used for baking treats, but it can be also used as a medicine. The peppermint oil can relax the stomach’s muscles. If you have nausea and flatulence, you can steep peppermint as a tea to reduce them.

Bay Leaves 

The leaves of the bay can be used in cooking, but the bay has medicinal properties too. You can prepare the bay leaves in oil as a treatment for sprains and arthritic joints. They are also good for healing colds. All you have to do is place a cloth soaked with the bay leaf boiled water.

The bay leaves are grown into a tree and when it is potted it can grow up to 50 feet. They need rich water-retentive soil and will grow much slower than the basil.

We use these herbs on a daily base when we are cooking, but they can be used not only to satisfy your taste but also for treating some conditions and diseases. You could plant them in your yard and have fresh ingredients for cooking and for healing anytime.